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A well designed office interior gives all your employees the opportunity to perform excellent during the workweek and through the whole year. It is our profession to advise you about this. The result is an accumulation of fresh air, a comfortable temperature, and the right type of light, ergonomically design, fine acoustics and an inspiring environment. There were only a few companies where we couldn’t make significant improvements to the interior. Higher productivity and healthier employees is the outcome. As organisation you will benefit from this, it also leads to more energy among your company.

(Re)housing demands a lot of activities that do not belong to your core business. We can relieve you completely and deliver turnkey and totally up to your standards at your new location. Profile Project advises, designs and carries the final responsibility. Monitoring and keeping up with the planning, costs and quality are our top priority. The move to your new work environment will proceed with a minimal strain on your business. At delivery everyone can start work immediately in a new, inspiring and healthy work environment.

A well-developed project design raises productivity and boosts the energy within your organisation. Profile Project takes care of your project design, from the moment of choosing the location up until you turn the key of the door. We search for the best possible solution for all your activities and functions: working with the computer, shopping area or showroom, meetings, telephone and video conferencing, (lunch) breaks, waiting room, cloakroom, pantry, archive and storage, and so on. Providing just the right light, air, work and office furniture, flooring, walls and dividers, and design we make sure every function gets the best solution.

The market for relative old office buildings is troublesome to say the least. A revitalisation can ensure that you keep in touch with your potential tenants. A renovated entrance, fresh toilet groups and a new pantry increases your chances substantially. Profile Project has already performed several different revitalisations successful and happy to advise you which investments are most profitable.