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Our approach to design revolves around you, our client. We take the time to understand your needs before creating a workplace that boost team work and collaboration while being a catalyst for improved business performance. We can help you understand the vital connection that drives business performance: the relationship between people and the workplace. Together with our knowledge, experience of the latest trends in office design and modern office furniture , your project is tailored to perfectly meet your needs.

Rehousing demands a lot of activities that do not belong to your core business. We can relieve you completely from this, allowing your organisation to continue uninterrupted. With out turnkey approach we take on the full responsibility of managing/ monitoring cost and quality, ensuring that your new space is designed and built to a quality that you and your staff would be proud of.

Although the interior design process is unique for each project, Profile Project designs offices that can be versatile, durable and influential. In the early stages of development it is important for us to understand your goals and what you hope to achieve. In collaboration with our design team we can not only create a more aesthetically pleasing work environment but can also search for the best possible solutions for all your activities and functions. Through design we can make you office greener, improve your organizations productivity and turn your your work environment into a place where your staff and clients can be inspired. Profile Project can also turn these concepts into visual representations from basic Sketch-up to full Virtual Reality walk through that gives you the feel of your new space.

The market for relative old office buildings is troublesome to say the least. A revitalisation can ensure that you keep in touch with your potential tenants. A renovated entrance, fresh toilet groups and a new pantry increases your chances substantially. Profile Project has already performed several different revitalisations successful and happy to advise you which investments are most profitable.